Spreading the roots

Some are born to spread their wings.. Others to spread their roots. -Unknown Came across this magnificent Peepal tree on the streets of Pune which obviously caught my eye and I just couldn't resist to click a picture. I don't know why the red blocks where kept, but the tree continued to grow wherever and … Continue reading Spreading the roots

Bonsai tree

Back in early 2018, a Bonsai exhibition was held in Pune. The ground was filled with lots of bonsai trees types and arrangment was well thought of. One thing which was most captivating was this King of Bonsai trees. Truly majestic in appearance, couldn't believe it was over 150 years old. Thought of starting this … Continue reading Bonsai tree

A bare tree – Hauntingly Beautiful

A tree without leaves or fruit promises more beauty with time. People do the same. Be patient with yourself and others. - Unkown During one of our monsoon treks to Andharban this year, we stopped at a point to enjoy the backwaters which soon become a selfie spot for other fellow trekkers. On the other … Continue reading A bare tree – Hauntingly Beautiful

Whomping Willow!?

On my recent jungle trek to Andharban, I noticed this tree along the way. Couldn't take off my eyes from this tree. I don't know the actual name of this tree but to me it just looks like Whomping Willow tree from Harry Potter. 😛 Thursday Tree Love - #72

Weird is Beautiful!

In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful. - Alice Walker This peepal tree is near a temple premises that I usually visit. Though being bent it is still eye-catching. Sometimes being weird stands out!! For : Thursday Tree Love - #69