A tree for tomorrow

We have lots of trees in the vicinity of our apartment building. Some big, some small. This picture was clicked last month just after initial rains. And look how green it already looks. I don't know the name of this particular tall tree seen in this picture, but it has been there for almost 20 … Continue reading A tree for tomorrow


Road less traveled..

Some of the best memories come from some old dirt road. Change in scenic view gives you peace of mind and sometimes this is what we need. I love the contrasting colours of the green trees and the red soil road with clear blue skies. A Scene that is never found in the cities. Tuesday … Continue reading Road less traveled..

Thursday Tree Love – Indian Almond Tree

Indian Almond tree also known as Sea Almond is common throughout Asia, is grown wild or cultivated for its nuts. It's leaves turn into colors of red, copper and gold during autumn. These colors make the tree more attractive!! Frankly speaking, these trees were always been there, but ever since I have started participating in … Continue reading Thursday Tree Love – Indian Almond Tree