New Asgard!?

The town was eerily quiet.. Not a person to be seen as I walked through the rainbow colored road. Could this be the Bifröst to Asgard or Is this the New Asgard... Three Line Tale - Week 184


Real Life Fantasy

"All aboard the Hogwarts Express!", the conductor started shouting on top of his voice. Not believing what I was hearing, I turned around to look at the train and was in awe looking at the red and black steam engine which took me back to my childhood wish of attending Hogwarts school by Hogwarts Express. … Continue reading Real Life Fantasy


If a person can be Flash if struck by a lightning or a Spiderman if bitten by a radioactive spider. Then looking at snakes on display, she wondered. What will a person become if bitten by a snake? Venom!? Three Line Tales - week 139


In past, You have travelled places, escaped reality because of me. Now, Smartphones, kindle have replaced me with epub/ebook readers. But in this digital age, I am still waiting for you as always in a place you all know - A library Three Line Tales - week 135