Oasis of Calm

One of the most common tree is the Banyan Tree and we have plenty of those in Pune City. Majority of the trees that I posted for Thursday tree love are Banyan tree and this one is no different.

Last month, I visited a garden called Chittaranjan Vatika in Model Colony, Pune. It is a oasis of calm in a busy city. It is very well maintained area with lots of trees, play area for children, joggers track and open gym for others.

Banyan Tree and some other trees around the track

Information related to some trees have been put up along side it. Some trees in the garden just have a name plate around it. Some trees like this one are so tall that I could not fit it into the frame.

In the evening, the area is filled with little children, fitness enthusiasts and elderly people. Since the area is full of greenery and tall trees, there is constant sound of birds chirping which gradualy increases in the evening. Overall it’s a nice place to spend your some time with your friends and family.

Joining Parul for Thursday tree love – 122


4 thoughts on “Oasis of Calm

  1. I love Banyan trees. Last Diwali, when I went home – I brought a small plant home. And luckily it survived the air travel and the location change to Bangalore. My plan is to convert it into a small bonsai. 🙂 Let’s see how it goes. Glad you joined with this one, Ramya. See you later in the day. I am a bit behind today!

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