Water for birds

I usually keep water for our feathered friends during winters and summers. They do make a mess but it's a delight to watch and listen to their sweet talk while they are drinking water. Friday Fun - Feathered Friends For the Birds

Spring blossoms

Walking around a hill has its own perks. These beautiful pink blossoms were all around a nearby hill and a setting sun gave me this beautiful shot. Google Lens showed that it's name is Gliricidia Sepium. These pink blossoms tells me that Spring is here. 🙂 Friday Fun- Flowers FOTD - 02/03/2020

String Lights

Diwali, being festival of lights, illuminates not just our home but also the lives of our near and dear ones. Used these string lights for decoration during Diwali. Loved how it is shining and lighting the surroundings!! "Shine like the whole universe is yours." — Rumi   January Lights - 2nd January 2020