Dazzling in sunshine

This hibiscus varient bloomed just today morning. I just love how bright and dazzling it looks in the morning sunshine. It's so amazing that the flowers add beauty to the world in their own way, creating a colorful life and bringing joy to us. Joining Becky's Bright Square and Cee's Flower of the day.

Tree Shade

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.Warren Buffett Pune, India Recently, I went to a hospital to get my parents vaccinated. Obviously, I wasn't allowed inside the vaccination area so had to sit outside. That's when I spotted this tall tree. I don't know the name … Continue reading Tree Shade


Sunshine, the most precious thing found on earth!! Clicked this picture on a bright sunny day while the flowers were soaking in the sunlight. Just living is not enough.. one must have a sunshine, freedom and a little flower.Hans Christian Anderson Linking up for Becky's Bright Square - 2nd April