The Voice

It was a beautiful voice, calling out my name. Unable to resist, I followed the voice. I was pulled out dead from the dried up well the next day. Now, it my turn to be the beautiful voice from the well.. Wait, was that voice from the well or in my head? Character Count - … Continue reading The Voice


Fantasy World

A new world awaits.. A world created by me.. I have played my part in this world.. Now it's my turn to be a Hero in a world full of fantasy and imagination.. What do you see?

Water : Did we consume too much?

Definition of water in the year 2050 Water: (noun) A transparent, tasteless, odourless liquid which was once found in abundance on earth and was basic necessity of life. A clear liquid that symbolizes purity and was used in everything. Water used to fall from clouds as rain which later formed streams, river, sea and ocean. … Continue reading Water : Did we consume too much?

Weekly Photo Challenge – Water Drops

Here is my entry for Travelling at Wits End's weekly photo challenge :  Drops of Water. I had posted these images for different topics earlier. As these pictures are relevant for this topic, hence sharing it again. “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.” – Rumi Thanks … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Water Drops