What is Time

Image Source : Google What is time? Is it something that one person has more and others have less? Is it something that is good or bad? Is it something that runs faster for one and slows down for another? Is it something that makes us forgive and forget or something that makes us strong … Continue reading What is Time

Happy Independence Day!!

India celebrates 73rd Independence Day today. Each colour has a special meaning in the Indian flag. Saffron represents strength and courage of the country. White indicates peace and truth with Ashoka Chakra. Green is for fertility, growth and auspicious of the land. Here is something that I tried with images and created my tricolour. For … Continue reading Happy Independence Day!!

Water : Did we consume too much?

Definition of water in the year 2050 Water: (noun) A transparent, tasteless, odourless liquid which was once found in abundance on earth and was basic necessity of life. A clear liquid that symbolizes purity and was used in everything. Water used to fall from clouds as rain which later formed streams, river, sea and ocean. … Continue reading Water : Did we consume too much?