IMG_20150419_175019Indian. Software Programmer.Bookworm.Ambivert.Me.Hello!!!
The above sentence sums it all up!!

Still let me introduce myself.

Hey there! My name is Ramya and Welcome to my blog – And Miles to go before I sleep. I have been blogging here since September 2017. This blog is a combination of my creative abilities to showcase photos ,try my hand at writing by writing about my experience and thoughts. Please go through my posts and let me know how am I performing. 😀

Here is something about me – I am twenty something years old, living in beautiful city of Pune, Maharashtra, India.

I am a software engineer by profession. I like to read books,hence a bookworm. During school and college days, one can find me in library going through books. Now, I have more books in my phone , thanks to digital version (epubs) of the books.

I also like to go on outdoor trekking.I am a big fan of DC and Marvel comics and follow their TV shows and films.

I am just a normal girl bringing up my creative side through this blog.

Thanks for visiting