Pawsome Adventure

Image credit; Grin @ Unsplash My human made me wear a backpack, a bundle of joy and fun,Filled with treats and toys, for the adventures under the sun.Yet, a mischievous thought crosses my mind,To seize the treats and leave my human behind.But loyalty prevails, I'll wait for the cue,For when my human says, "Woof, it's for you!" … Continue reading Pawsome Adventure


Questions in Life

The questions in life seem unendingWhen one is solved, the other appears.Is this how life is supposed to be?Am I sad to be thinking about life's purpose?Is my mind wondering?Am I overthinking? Am I depressed? Ahh!! More questions and no answer!!And my futile life continues... Joining Reena's Xploration Challenge - 268

Showing the world

Image credit: Yaopey Yong @ Unsplash Novice to cycling,I wanted my brother to see the world.Cycling around showed him the trees, the flowers, and the sky.Enjoying, I was laughing throughout the ride.Little did I know,My brother was terrified and shut his eyes throughout the ride. For What do you see?

Earth’s fiery demise

The Sun is disintegrating, slowly turning into a red giant.So is our planet, slowly nearing its fiery demise.Have we pushed our planet beyond repair?Or do we still have time to make repairs?Mars could be habitable by then,but without the Sun, will there be Mars? For Reena's Xploration Challenge #240