Tuesday Photo Challenge – Wall

Last year, during a monsoon trek, me and my friends stopped at a small hotel for breakfast. Stepped into restroom to wash my hands and was pleasantly surprised when I saw this tiled wall. Couldn't resist to click a picture. Beautiful tiled wall art, isn't it.. Tuesday Photo Challenge - Wall


In a different light

The view changes every time. Every second is a transformation. Be it your perspective or nature's colours. Here is my response to Friday Fun - Same View, Different Lights As the sun sets along the beach, the colour of the sky changes. So beautiful are the colours, I just couldn't pick which one is my … Continue reading In a different light

A Photo a Week Challenge – Diwali Lanterns

Colorful paper lanterns are symbolic to Diwali festival in India. Diwali being festival of lights is usually celebrated with colorful small lamps called diyas and lanterns. Lanterns are usually made of some frame and are covered with glossy or matte papers. These are hung outside the houses with lights inside. I clicked this picture last … Continue reading A Photo a Week Challenge – Diwali Lanterns