Thursday Treee Love -137

Trees with aerial roots have always fasinated me.Most of the posts for Thursday Tree Love are of Banyan tree, This one too is one such post.

Banyan Tree, Pune University Campus

Few months back, I visited Pune University and the area is full of such huge banyan trees. I like the way the branches are formed over the footpath. The sprawling banyan tree provides much needed shade in summer and rainy season. This single tree felt like a micro forest.

Looking at it, I wonder how many university convocations it may have witnessed along with student’s rambling, frustrations, happiness as they pass through this tree. Such huge tree came from a small seed is definately a life lesson for us to expand our horizons and be multi rooted.

Joining Parul’s Thursday Tree Love -137


12 thoughts on “Thursday Treee Love -137

  1. Beautiful!! The roots have formed a tunnel of sorts. Some years ago, there was a canteen/cafe under a massive Banyan.. its closed now I think. Banyans with such developed and rooted aerial roots are a wonder!

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  2. Like you, I also love Aerial roots of trees. Banyan tree must the most photographed on my blog too, Ramya. Thanks for joining and also very grateful to have you around all through 2022. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy start to 2023. See you around!! hugs and love!

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