Thursday Tree Love – 134

A lot has changed in the city of Pune over the years, but Kasba Peth is one such area where historical landmarks are retained with urbanization.

Kasba Peth

This tree is in the middle of the crossroads connecting Lal Mahal and Kasba Ganpati temple. Kasba Ganpati is the ‘Gram Daivat’ or village deity of Pune and Lal Mahal is the place where young Shivaji Raje spent his childhood days. Both of these are some few meters away from this spot.

There is a small Lord Shiva temple below this tree. Shravan is considered to be a holy month in the Hindu calendar due to the numerous festivals that are celebrated during this time. Also, special worship of Lord Shiva and fasting is observed on Mondays. Once Shravan month ends, we have Ganesh Utsav and so this area is decorated with such orange flags.

I used to live in Kasba Peth earlier and I remember this tree being decorated like this. I am amazed that even after so many years this tree still looks the same with its branches spreading and standing tall providing shade to one of the busiest street in Pune.

Joining Parul’s Thursday Tree Love – 134


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