Perfect shot

Leah stood watching the horizon line. It seemed so near, yet so far. The last of the orange rays lingered in the sky, mingling with the clouds. Setting sun brought different hues to orange, blue and pink into the sky. The water gurgled and burbled as it moved over  the rocks. Music of the nature … Continue reading Perfect shot

The Mystical Toy

Emma came running to her father, holding an odd looking porcelain dog in her hands. "Papa, I found this in attic", she said panting heavily. "What is it? Why do you keep such a creepy toy?" , she enquired. Emma's father gazed at the toy in Emma's hand. Taking the toy from her hands, he … Continue reading The Mystical Toy

Bonsai Namaste

Wonder what is the Story here? Well,this is the Maharaja(King) of bonsai trees. Recently, an event called "Bonsai Namaste" was arranged in Pune, Maharashtra,India. This was India's largest Bonsai Convention and Exhibition. It was an exhibition and sale of bonsai trees.There were around 1000+ bonsai trees and 150+ varieties. Here are some pictures of the … Continue reading Bonsai Namaste