The Mystical Toy

Emma came running to her father, holding an odd looking porcelain dog in her hands. “Papa, I found this in attic”, she said panting heavily. “What is it? Why do you keep such a creepy toy?” , she enquired.

Photo credit – Yinglan

Emma’s father gazed at the toy in Emma’s hand. Taking the toy from her hands, he laughingly laid his hand on her shoulder and said, “This is a magical toy. Whoever owns this, shall never grow old. The toy ages, but the person remains young.”

“C’mon Papa, enough of your fantasy story. Just throw it away. It’s hideous.”

Papa shrugged off, went to his room taking the toy with him. Sitting down on his couch, he looked at the toy. Indeed, it had become ugly. He remembered how beautiful it was when he first bought it.

He kept wondering how to convince her about its mystical power.

After all, he did tell her the truth.

Word count – 153

This is for 180th Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to Priceless Joy for running the challenge and Yinglan for providing the photo prompt!


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