Perfect shot

Leah stood watching the horizon line. It seemed so near, yet so far. The last of the orange rays lingered in the sky, mingling with the clouds. Setting sun brought different hues to orange, blue and pink into the sky. The water gurgled and burbled as it moved over  the rocks. Music of the nature started playing which was better than the city noise.

She was enjoying the show that the nature was playing for her. But she was waiting for a perfect moment to capture.

She knew that job of a nature photographer is not easy. She quit her high paying stable job to follow her passion and she knew it was a right decision.

She was knee deep in water with her tripod, waiting. Paitence is the key, she reminded herself.

As she stood there waiting, she could feel grains of sand washing in between her toes and the large shells under her feet. She picked up one and kept in her pocket as a souvenir.

The rocks, water, setting sky was the perfect location for her shoot. All she was waiting for was the magical time of the day that lies between daylight and darkness – Twilight.

Thursday Photo prompt – Faraway: #writephoto
Ragtag daily prompt – Burble


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