“So, what’s next?”, asked Kapil looking at Rhea who was pondering over a paper containing their bucket list items. They were completing their bucket list one by one before parting ways. Rhea was to leave for abroad the next day for higher studies.

“Only one remaining – Museum”, replied Rhea.


On reaching the museum, they saw “No entry” sign. “Oh no, no entry!”, Rhea exclaimed sadly.

“Worry not, we can still go inside. There is no one at the entrance and nothing can stop us today from completing our list”, said Kapil cheering her up.

Likewise, they went in and had just reached the main door when they heard barking sound. They turned around and saw a huge vicious dog barking and running towards them.

“Run”, said Kapil taking Rhea’s hand, and they ran like hell.
So much for their bucket list adventure.

Word count – 142

This is for 179th Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to Priceless Joy for running the challenge and Yarnspinnerr for providing the photo prompt!

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