A Tree’s Advice

I clicked this picture when I visited my native place(Coastal Karnataka) some 7-8 months back.

What I really liked about this picture is the group of coconut trees at the back and the lone Thal tree in the front, the blue sky,the greenery around and the pathway.


Here is my interpretation of this picture:

  • Stand tall and display your confidence.
  • Remember your roots, no matter where life takes you.
  • Be content with what you have.

Joining Cee’s Which Way Photo challenge and Thursday Tree love


17 thoughts on “A Tree’s Advice

  1. Strangely, the picture didn’t load completely in my phone app. Happy to know you are also posting for Thursday tree love. Do you participate on a regular basis?


    1. Ohhh!!! I don’t use app. I think that the accessing it through Chrome browser is much easier. I found TTL through Cee and was following it since then. Posted for the first time yesterday for TTL.


      1. I just checked it out through the desktop. Is it the same tree through which local liquor is made in south India? I wasn’t aware that you are from coastal Karnataka! 🙂


      2. Yes.. some additional processing needs to be done so that it can be consumed as alcoholic beverage. My native place is Udupi but we live in Pune. We visit Udupi whenever there are some festivities.


      3. Wow. Udupi hoteliers were famous across Tamil Nadu. Hope to visit someday. Even though I visit Bangalore regularly and the idea of exploring coastal Karnataka is just a dream. Your hometown reminds me of Benne Dosa! 😜

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  2. What a beautiful one. You are right that this one stands tall and supportive of those in the background. I love the scene too. The road, the wires and the blue sky. Thank you for joining Thursday Tree Love. So happy to have you around 🙂

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  3. Lovely capture Ramya. Even I was planning to capture Thal tree last month when I visited my native Udupi, but couldn’t as it was raining heavily. I will definitely try next time! Happy to know that your native also same 🙂

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