Tree Love

Of all the city roads that I have been to in Pune, I feel Jangli Maharaj Road (JM Road) is the best of all. This road has greenery on both sides. With tall, spreading branches, these trees fully cover the road from both sides in such a way that there is shade throughout the road. … Continue reading Tree Love

Furs and Feathers

Here is the gallery of images which I have clicked over the past year. Irrespective of the season, I make a point to keep a bowl of water for birds. Clicked most of the pictures when they had come to drink water. Pigeon Magpie RobinScaly Breasted MuniaIndian White Eye Parrot and Pigeon - Social distancing … Continue reading Furs and Feathers

Nature’s Beauty

Clicked this picture few years back, while we were visiting our relatives in the coastal region of Karnataka, India. While visiting some local place, we ditched the main road and took a different back route just to explore the area and we were greeted with this beautiful view. The place was pleasant, with birds chirping, … Continue reading Nature’s Beauty