Creative Imagination

Image credit: Tumisu @ Pixabay

“Is it my fault that they can’t see what I see when I open a book because I can see the letters flying and dancing and my imagination taking over the book with me playing the hero from the book and making treasure discoveries and helping the poor, but that’s how I read by creating mental images and visual representation and I think, they are afraid of that because I can think outside the box and they can’t…”

Joining Sadje’s What Do You See – #95 and Reena’s Xploration Challenge – #194

15 thoughts on “Creative Imagination

  1. Creative thinkers challenge the mindset of conventional thinkers. I like where you went with your story. It is actually the best way to enjoy reading; to immerse oneself. Thanks for joining in

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  2. I feel you. People say I’m lazy when I’m reading. That they cant understand how I can read as much as I do and not be bored. I say when you learnt o imagine and see like I can you’ll understand the magic of a good story. Well done.

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