Was it due to Mushrooms!?

"Is that what I think it is?!", Alice wondered looking at the mushrooms. "What is it?", Tara replied looking in the direction of the mushrooms. "Mushrooms from Wonderland. I wonder how did they grow here." There is no such thing as Wonderland and these are just normal mushrooms. I wonder how they taste. "Noooo.. Don't … Continue reading Was it due to Mushrooms!?

The Jammed Trunk

The trunk was being auctioned for free as it was considered a jammed piece of junk. Obviously, I got it. After all, it was my spell that jammed the trunk. "Stupid Muggles, now all the belongings of Harry Potter are finally mine!!!", I thought as I walked away with the trunk. Character count :272 Twittering … Continue reading The Jammed Trunk

Mysterious Journey

"Are you sure this is the place?" I think so... "You have a map.. right? " Huh.. Yes "Show it to me.." *staring at the map in disbelief and panicking* "This is a page from Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. Not a real map!!! We are dead..." Character Count : 233 Twittering Tales - 148

Human Trial

"Subject 23 is not responding. Should we call it?",the resident asked. "Yes. Clear it and bring in Subject 24.", the doctor replied. "Doctor, Why are we killing humans?" "We are not killing.Everything is trial and error until we find a perfect match.We are creating Super-humans." Word count - 277 Twittering Tale - #142