Burning the midnight oil

Photo credit Sarah While The world is in a deep sleep.Some are dreaming, some are tossing and turning.But it's time for me to light a path of success.Will world call me a lucky fellow who burned the midnight oil for my achievementOr will they label it as plain luck? Joining Photo Challenge #406

At Heaven’s door

Imange credit: 8machine@ Unsplash After what seemed an aeon, the door was finally visible.Not sure how long I have been floating in this murky water,Skin and flesh seemed to have withered away from my body.Coming up to the gate as a skeleton - the most naked form of a human beingI wonder -Will the heaven's door … Continue reading At Heaven’s door

Swing Ride

photo by Scott Webb via Unsplash Life started slow, just like the swing ride.But then it picked up speed, flinging me in all different directions making me fly without wings.Still going on with my swing ride, afraid to slow down now, afraid to lose my flight! 3 Line Tales - Week 272