Here are some of my responses to One Word Sunday – Three by Debbie. Well, when I first read about the theme, I thought I have nothing to post on this, but I scanned my archives and found these.

Recently, a small trip was planned to Satara, Maharashtra, India. We stopped on a way for breakfast. These bunnies were caged there. They huddled together when I got close to click their picture.

Three Bunnies

In Satara, we stopped at Sajjangad to visit which is the resting place of Sant Ramdas. There were lot of monkeys in the surrounding. Luckily, when I clicked this picture, only 3 monkeys where in the frame.

Three Monkeys

On the way we stopped at one of the wind turbine point in Satara. It was raining and was misty/foggy, so could not get a clear picture. But it was the first time I saw a turbine up-close and it was worth it.

Three rotor Wind turbine

This picture is from my garden.These are buds of yellow marigold flowers.

Three buds from my garden

Thanks for visiting.


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