Plant a tree and save the earth

Nowadays lots of news articles related to pollution,global warming, etc are getting published. Creating global awareness to the world’s biggest problem.
Extravagant use of nature’s resources and deforestation have lead to this climatic change.Nature has given us bountiful things.And how have we used it till now?
We have destroyed forests to create concrete forests of buildings and skyscrapers.Natural resources are depleting. Air pollution is on rise.And what not.
We have solar energy and other different technologies in place to cater our energy needs.But what about trees and forests which give us shade,fruits and most important oxygen.
We have to take an action now to save trees and plant more trees else there will be a day where our future generations will have to pay for oxygen and water.Trees will be seen only in photographs. When that day truely comes,humans will fear for life not death.
So on this new year, let us atleast plant a sapling near our vicinity and look after it as it is our responsibility to look after our mother earth as she has looked after us all these years. If all of us spread the word and do this activity then certainly it will make a difference.
Image source : Google
Wish you all a happy and prosperous New year!!



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