Happy Independence Day!!

India celebrates 73rd Independence Day today. Each colour has a special meaning in the Indian flag. Saffron represents strength and courage of the country. White indicates peace and truth with Ashoka Chakra. Green is for fertility, growth and auspicious of the land. Here is something that I tried with images and created my tricolour. For … Continue reading Happy Independence Day!!


Breaking Free

From birth, I knew I was special.. Solving the puzzles of Life, I knew I was meant to be something wonderful.. Puzzles made me who I am today, Free and Beautiful!!! What do you see - 21st May  

Plant a tree and save the earth

Nowadays lots of news articles related to pollution,global warming, etc are getting published. Creating global awareness to the world's biggest problem. Extravagant use of nature's resources and deforestation have lead to this climatic change.Nature has given us bountiful things.And how have we used it till now? We have destroyed forests to create concrete forests of … Continue reading Plant a tree and save the earth