Dramatic Nature

Visiting a beach is like a To-do item on my list whenever I visit my native place. This time, exactly a month back, a storm was approaching when we visited the beach.
Palm trees are commonly found near the beaches. The weather was little overcast with strong breeze and the trees swayed with it.
The beach was not crowded and perfect for the one who love to see the peaceful nature part.


And finally, when the sky was fully overcast, the dark clouds with Palm trees in the background made the scene picture perfect.


There is so much beauty in the storm!!!

For Thursday Tree Love – 64


7 thoughts on “Dramatic Nature

  1. Your hometown is gorgeous. How I wish I had such sights when I was growing up. For me, I travel to places that can get me a view of the sea. For you, that’s home.
    I love the overcast sky and the palm tree swaying. Thank you Ramya for joining!

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