Boxed up

Photo by cottonbro on Is it better to be boxed inIs it better to conceal emotionsIs it better to be lost in our imaginationIn the end, we usually keep a lot to ourselves as it is difficult to find someone who understands… Photo Challenge #332

My Place

  I slipped past the "Danger - Do not enter sign" and walked all the way to sit down at the edge of the cliff. The strong breeze whispered through my hair which gave me a feeling of having a conversation with the supreme power and I savoured my moments of freedom and solitude. It … Continue reading My Place


TV nostalgia - 90's commercials with serials.. During this current lockdown in India, different 90's serials like Ramayan and Mahabharat made a comeback. Watching these serials along with some of the classic advertisement is truly nostalgic. Six word story - Nostalgia