Lake amidst the city

A quiet place surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city is this Lakaki lake. As this lake is not known to many, is generally vacant. There is a walking track along the lake for those who like to take a stroll. Different view can be seen from either side of the track. This … Continue reading Lake amidst the city


Nature’s Beauty

Clicked this picture few years back, while we were visiting our relatives in the coastal region of Karnataka, India. While visiting some local place, we ditched the main road and took a different back route just to explore the area and we were greeted with this beautiful view. The place was pleasant, with birds chirping, … Continue reading Nature’s Beauty

Water : Did we consume too much?

Definition of water in the year 2050 Water: (noun) A transparent, tasteless, odourless liquid which was once found in abundance on earth and was basic necessity of life. A clear liquid that symbolizes purity and was used in everything. Water used to fall from clouds as rain which later formed streams, river, sea and ocean. … Continue reading Water : Did we consume too much?