Plant hope

"He who plants a tree, plants a hope" - Lucy Larcom Click this in January this year, when I visited a local park after a very long time. The plants were growing around the wire figures giving it a proper form. Making an art form which imparts a message to the young generations is what … Continue reading Plant hope


In India, we still have restrictions in place and so cannot travel outdoors. However, we live in an area that is surrounded by small hills all around, so we visit the hills often. There are pathways created to traverse around the hills. Currently, it's rainy season in India, so all the hills have turned green. … Continue reading Outdoors


Joining Photographing Public Photo Challenge - #1. Wooden Horse Last year, one of the office parties (before the lockdown) was hosted at a hotel were this wooden horse stood there to welcome us. Not in a great condition, but is definitely eye catching. Horse with wings, definately Pegasus it is.. 🙂