Art from recycling

As a part of smart city program of Pune, Maharashtra, India, various art installations have been done around the city. One such installation is seen in the above image which is named as Migration of People. This is created using the recycled items. By placing such artworks on different streets, the artists are creating recycling … Continue reading Art from recycling



Joining Photographing Public Photo Challenge - #1. Wooden Horse Last year, one of the office parties (before the lockdown) was hosted at a hotel were this wooden horse stood there to welcome us. Not in a great condition, but is definitely eye catching. Horse with wings, definately Pegasus it is.. 🙂

Boxed up

Photo by cottonbro on Is it better to be boxed inIs it better to conceal emotionsIs it better to be lost in our imaginationIn the end, we usually keep a lot to ourselves as it is difficult to find someone who understands… Photo Challenge #332