Burning the midnight oil

Photo credit Sarah While The world is in a deep sleep.Some are dreaming, some are tossing and turning.But it's time for me to light a path of success.Will world call me a lucky fellow who burned the midnight oil for my achievementOr will they label it as plain luck? Joining Photo Challenge #406

Diwali Mud Forts

Last week, we all celebrated Diwali with lot of lights and sweets. One of the aspect of Diwali is the mud fort making which is usually made by children during their Diwali hoildays. Miniature mud forts are made to remember the heroic deeds of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.Its an act of pure reverence towards Shivaji Maharaj. … Continue reading Diwali Mud Forts

Nature’s Beauty

Clicked this picture few years back, while we were visiting our relatives in the coastal region of Karnataka, India. While visiting some local place, we ditched the main road and took a different back route just to explore the area and we were greeted with this beautiful view. The place was pleasant, with birds chirping, … Continue reading Nature’s Beauty


Joining Photographing Public Photo Challenge - #1. Wooden Horse Last year, one of the office parties (before the lockdown) was hosted at a hotel were this wooden horse stood there to welcome us. Not in a great condition, but is definitely eye catching. Horse with wings, definately Pegasus it is.. 🙂