Ixora and India Shot Flowers

I have always been clicking random flower pictures wherever I go. Thanks to Cee's FOTD and Judy's Floral Alphabet Challenge, I get to showcase them here. Both the challenges are an excellent exercise to understand the flower names. I have been going through Google and Google Lens to select the correct flower for the alphabet … Continue reading Ixora and India Shot Flowers


FOTD – Day blooming Jasmine

Cestrum diurnum also known as White Chocolate Jasmine, Inkberry, day blooming jasmine, Din ka Raja(in hindi) is an evergreen shrub. The day-fragrant flowers attract butterflies and other pollinators. It is an ornamental plant which usually flowers during rainy season. A flower doesn’t spread its fragrance. It stays where it is and the fragrance spreads on … Continue reading FOTD – Day blooming Jasmine

Burning the midnight oil

Photo credit Sarah While The world is in a deep sleep.Some are dreaming, some are tossing and turning.But it's time for me to light a path of success.Will world call me a lucky fellow who burned the midnight oil for my achievementOr will they label it as plain luck? Joining Photo Challenge #406

Nature’s Beauty

Clicked this picture few years back, while we were visiting our relatives in the coastal region of Karnataka, India. While visiting some local place, we ditched the main road and took a different back route just to explore the area and we were greeted with this beautiful view. The place was pleasant, with birds chirping, … Continue reading Nature’s Beauty