The Jammed Trunk

The trunk was being auctioned for free as it was considered a jammed piece of junk. Obviously, I got it. After all, it was my spell that jammed the trunk. "Stupid Muggles, now all the belongings of Harry Potter are finally mine!!!", I thought as I walked away with the trunk. Character count :272 Twittering … Continue reading The Jammed Trunk


Walking away

I am learning to leave behind things that are not meant for me. I am learning to walk away with good memories. But, there is something that still holds back. Something that is still caged and waiting to be free.. What do you see? - 2nd Oct 2018


If a person can be Flash if struck by a lightning or a Spiderman if bitten by a radioactive spider. Then looking at snakes on display, she wondered. What will a person become if bitten by a snake? Venom!? Three Line Tales - week 139