Beauty Everywhere

This week's theme for Sunday stills is Maxed Out Garden #Macros and #Close-Ups and here are my contributions. Everyone can agree there can be beauty in everything, if you just look. Depending on the perspective, everyone can see beauty in different things. Last week, on a small road trip, saw this field of Pearl Millet … Continue reading Beauty Everywhere


Watch out for the Cannonball

Last month, I visited University of Pune after a long time. A wave of nostalgia swept over me. While some of the areas of the campus were still the same, some have changed completely. However, this Cannonball tree was still the same. Cannonball tree Cannonball flowers and buds The fruits of this plant are spherical, … Continue reading Watch out for the Cannonball

FOTD – Day blooming Jasmine

Cestrum diurnum also known as White Chocolate Jasmine, Inkberry, day blooming jasmine, Din ka Raja(in hindi) is an evergreen shrub. The day-fragrant flowers attract butterflies and other pollinators. It is an ornamental plant which usually flowers during rainy season. A flower doesn’t spread its fragrance. It stays where it is and the fragrance spreads on … Continue reading FOTD – Day blooming Jasmine

FOTD – Aster

I came across these beautiful flowers gracefully dancing in the sun on my quick visit to a local nursery shop. These could be a varierty of Aster flowers(Google Lens tells me that 🙂 ). Looking at these flowers dancing, I remembered the quote - "The Earth laughs in flowers". Joining Cee's FOTD