Tuesday Photo Challenge – Wall

Last year, during a monsoon trek, me and my friends stopped at a small hotel for breakfast. Stepped into restroom to wash my hands and was pleasantly surprised when I saw this tiled wall. Couldn't resist to click a picture. Beautiful tiled wall art, isn't it.. Tuesday Photo Challenge - Wall


Road less traveled..

Some of the best memories come from some old dirt road. Change in scenic view gives you peace of mind and sometimes this is what we need. I love the contrasting colours of the green trees and the red soil road with clear blue skies. A Scene that is never found in the cities. Tuesday … Continue reading Road less traveled..

Beauty of Bhuleshwar Temple

Bhuleshwar temple is an ancient temple located at around 65km from Pune, via Pune - Solapur highway. Lord Shiva is worshipped in this temple. This Temple is on top of a hill and is famous for its beautiful architecture and carvings. A small village called Yavat leads to this beautiful location. Bhuleshwar temple has been … Continue reading Beauty of Bhuleshwar Temple