Case breakthrough

Desperate for a lead in the serial murder case, the crime scene investigator kept staring at the empty bulletin board with pushpins.He knew something was amiss, and the pattern on the bulletin board was not randomly made.Finally figured it out before it was too late and apprehended the killer.The case breakthrough - the push pins … Continue reading Case breakthrough


Mysterious Journey

"Are you sure this is the place?" I think so... "You have a map.. right? " Huh.. Yes "Show it to me.." *staring at the map in disbelief and panicking* "This is a page from Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. Not a real map!!! We are dead..." Character Count : 233 Twittering Tales - 148

Human Trial

"Subject 23 is not responding. Should we call it?",the resident asked. "Yes. Clear it and bring in Subject 24.", the doctor replied. "Doctor, Why are we killing humans?" "We are not killing.Everything is trial and error until we find a perfect match.We are creating Super-humans." Word count - 277 Twittering Tale - #142