Bonsai tree

Back in early 2018, a Bonsai exhibition was held in Pune. The ground was filled with lots of bonsai trees types and arrangment was well thought of. One thing which was most captivating was this King of Bonsai trees. Truly majestic in appearance, couldn't believe it was over 150 years old. Thought of starting this … Continue reading Bonsai tree

Bonsai Namaste

Wonder what is the Story here? Well,this is the Maharaja(King) of bonsai trees. Recently, an event called "Bonsai Namaste" was arranged in Pune, Maharashtra,India. This was India's largest Bonsai Convention and Exhibition. It was an exhibition and sale of bonsai trees.There were around 1000+ bonsai trees and 150+ varieties. Here are some pictures of the … Continue reading Bonsai Namaste