When it rains #WordsMatter

What makes us humans is our experiences in life. These experiences give us a personality and choice. When a certain event occurs, we recollect those experiences and memories. Rains are one such event which brings in a lot of memories. It is a season of recollecting memories and making many more. Rains are visually appealing … Continue reading When it rains #WordsMatter

The Sisters

Everyone remembered the fateful day. The day, the sisters arrived with wolves. That's when it all started... People started disappering one by one. Nowhere to be found. Strangely, since then the wolf count has increased and with them, my suspicion. I think, its my turn now. I see them everywhere. Pale and cold eyes of … Continue reading The Sisters

Water : Did we consume too much?

Definition of water in the year 2050 Water: (noun) A transparent, tasteless, odourless liquid which was once found in abundance on earth and was basic necessity of life. A clear liquid that symbolizes purity and was used in everything. Water used to fall from clouds as rain which later formed streams, river, sea and ocean. … Continue reading Water : Did we consume too much?