Trees- The Silent Preacher

Trees have been a topic of interest and discussion since long.They provide us with so many things required for survival like air,food.They also provide us with spirit of life and growth.Trees are preachers in the true sense.They inspire us to grow to great heights. They struggle all the forces of nature only to stand tall … Continue reading Trees- The Silent Preacher


Plant a tree and save the earth

Nowadays lots of news articles related to pollution,global warming, etc are getting published. Creating global awareness to the world's biggest problem. Extravagant use of nature's resources and deforestation have lead to this climatic change.Nature has given us bountiful things.And how have we used it till now? We have destroyed forests to create concrete forests of … Continue reading Plant a tree and save the earth

A teacher is a compass…

When I was a little girl,my first career choice was being a Teacher.Why teacher? Just because I liked the idea of using the red pen and obviously I thought that teachers know everything and anything. Teachers play an important role in a person's life.Probably the most important role after parents.Teachers are the one that help … Continue reading A teacher is a compass…