Keep walking!!

Exploring some places is fun. This weekend I visited my aunt after a long time and took a random walk around the area.

For people like me who stay in the concrete jungle of apartments, this greenery is a good change. All I could see was trees and green grass with lot of birds chirping. It was hot, but the trees provided with necessary shade.

I kept walking and reached an area with cool breeze and clear sky as the sun went down. Spent some time there before heading back.

Everywhere is walking distance, if you the time!!

Joining Becky’s Square, Which Way challenge, Weekend Sky.


9 thoughts on “Keep walking!!

  1. I love walking among the trees. The years on my feet and knees are starting to slow me down sometimes, but I will keep walking, taking my time on soft earth in well-cushioned shoes. Thanks for the encouragement!

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