Favourite Flowers

This week for Lens-Artists challenge, Ann-Christine has set the topic as favourite flowers. I like to photograph flowers, mostly from my mobile camera. Here are few from my archives and some of them are new ones. All these are the flowers from my home garden.

Roses are the most commonly photographed flower and obviously will be there in favourite list for many.

Asters bring delightful color to the garden.

Jasmine are one the most common and popular flowers in India with its various varieties. It’s divine fragrance fills up the area and is mostly used in hair garland.

Here are few more flowers which are my favourite growing up in my house flower pots.

Joining Ann-Christines, Len-Artists Photography Challenge #221 and Cee’s FOTD


20 thoughts on “Favourite Flowers

  1. Wow what beautiful plants and flowers in your home! And the first rose and the white one with drops are just gorgeous. You also have some plants I have never seen. In the slide show there is an intense blue flower and a seemingly the same species in white. Do you know their names? Your post is a real treat, thank you for joining in!


    1. Thanks Leya!! 🙂 The white Rose is my favourite and the first one is an recent addition to my garden!! The blue and white flowers are Asian pigeonwings or butterfly pea flowers.


  2. What a lovely array of colorful beauties Ramya. I think you are among very few whose entire post is filled with flowers from their own home. It must be so nice to come home to!


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