Beauty Everywhere

This week’s theme for Sunday stills is Maxed Out Garden #Macros and #Close-Ups and here are my contributions.

Everyone can agree there can be beauty in everything, if you just look. Depending on the perspective, everyone can see beauty in different things.

Last week, on a small road trip, saw this field of Pearl Millet (Bajra). Immediately stopped the vehicle and clicked a few closeups.

Along with garden grass, different growth brings variety to the green background. The reddish color stand out, which caught my eye. ๐Ÿ™‚

Closer home, I clicked some random growths in flower pots.

Along with garden growth, different insects, worms also take shelter.

How can one not click a closeup of flowers? Here are some from my house flower pots. Clicked these just after morning rains.

โ€œBlessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.โ€

Camille Pissarre

Along with Sunday Stills, joining Cee’s Flower of the day and Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge


9 thoughts on “Beauty Everywhere

  1. Gorgeous close-ups, Ramya! Isn’t it fun to just randomly stop when a photo op presents itself? I’ve never seen millet before, quite interesting. Love those red clovers, too. I enjoyed the perspective of the mushroom, did you get your knees dirty? Thank you for sharing with Sunday Stills, please visit again!

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