Watch out for the Cannonball

Last month, I visited University of Pune after a long time. A wave of nostalgia swept over me. While some of the areas of the campus were still the same, some have changed completely. However, this Cannonball tree was still the same.

Cannonball tree
Cannonball flowers and buds

The fruits of this plant are spherical, hence the name Cannonball tree. The Cannon ball tree blooms and bears fruit simultaneously. The large brightly coloured flowers have strong and sweet scented smell. They are orange, scarlet or pink in color, growing from stalks sprouting from the tree trunk. They do stink once they fall off and ferment.

I haven’t seen much of these trees around Pune city, but there are some in parks and gardens. The snake like vines, the overpowering scent and the ball like fruit surely makes this tree stand out from the rest.

For Parul’s Thursday tree love and Cee’s FOTD


14 thoughts on “Watch out for the Cannonball

  1. Have seen this tree in Nilgiris but only one in the whole surrounding. Its also called ‘शिवलिंग पुष्प or ‘नाग चम्पा’,. You have captured the tree and its beautiful flower so nicely, thanks for sharing the glimpse from Pune university.

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