Image credit; Marti Alonso @ Unsplash

With a paintbrush in hand, I stared at the blank canvas in front of me, Waiting for an idea to create something new.
Never came out of the creative block, but could feel something else coming out of the canvas.
Have I been staring too long, or is there a pair of hands with flowers emerging?
Stretched my hand out to hold, but the emerging hand pulled me in.
As the canvas swallowed me, I could see the lights fading from where I had been.
Struggled to break free from the clutches and tumbled over the floor.
Opened my eyes to see the canvas in front of me.
Have I been staring too long to fall into a deep slumber?
Only thing is – the canvas wasn’t blank anymore.
Did I just create a masterpiece, or does it seem like a chaos of brush strokes?

For What do you see?


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