Tilted and Strongest..

I need to live like that crooked tree–…
that knelt down in the hardest winds
but could not be blasted away.

Edward Hirsh

I think, trees growing up in the quiet inner areas of the Pune City look somewhat different than those growing along the roads. Clicked this tree growing near one of the internal roads in Baner area of Pune.

The tilted tree growing gives out a different vibe which makes it stand out from the other trees. I bet, it’s stronger than the others in that area. I wonder, what made the tree grow tilted.

Joining Parul in Thursday Tree Love – 112.


8 thoughts on “Tilted and Strongest..

  1. It continues to thrive despite man made obstructions! I have seen a tree here in Pune, growing along an iron grill which has got deeply embedded inside the trunk. Yet the branch looks green and happy. So yes, I guess city trees face different challenges.

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