To be rooted is perhaps the most important and lease recognized need of the human soul.

Simone Weil

I have always been fascinated with the aerial roots. Makes me wonder about the age of the tree and also how each one of the roots is making its own effort to support the tree. Clicked this beauty while we were waiting for the signal to turn green near Law College Road, Pune. Certainly left a lasting impression on me.

Thursday Tree Love – #97

10 thoughts on “Roots

  1. Lovely! I see this particular tree very often.. there were a lot of them some years ago and were transplanted for road widening.. I have no idea if they survived. I like that the local authorities have made space for the “new tree” that now developed!

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  2. This is beautiful! Looks like Banyan but it is not. Aerial roots fascinate me too a ton.
    I also love that chair in the corner. I wish one could go sit and relax 😛
    Thanks for joining and sharing this tree, Ramya! Hope to see you back tomorrow.

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