What is Time

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What is time? Is it something that one person has more and others have less? Is it something that is good or bad? Is it something that runs faster for one and slows down for another? Is it something that makes us forgive and forget or something that makes us strong and bolder?

The fact is, we change the definition of time as per our convenience. When we face a bad experience, we say bad time is going on. Similarly for good things happening in life, it’s a good time. We say that time is a healer, healing us of the old wounds making one stronger. We regret it when we waste time and then we wish for more. Older people think that time is moving at a faster pace.

But what is the fault of time? It just exists and doesn’t wait for anyone. It is an irreversible process. Turning the hands of the clock back or turning the hourglass upside down doesn’t bring back time. No one controls the time. And the fact that it is limited for every person, is what makes it special.

Bottom line is Time is unstoppable, so are our efforts to achieve.

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #156


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