Was it due to Mushrooms!?

Image credit; Flickr

“Is that what I think it is?!”, Alice wondered looking at the mushrooms.

“What is it?”, Tara replied looking in the direction of the mushrooms.

“Mushrooms from Wonderland. I wonder how did they grow here.”

There is no such thing as Wonderland and these are just normal mushrooms. I wonder how they taste.

“Noooo.. Don’t eat it!! You will either grow or shrink in size.”

Grow or shrink!! Are you out of your mind?!. I don’t think anything’s happening to me. It tastes better. You wanna try?

“No. Thanks. You are in luck I suppose. Good for you.”

(After sometime)
With a confused look Tara said, “I am not understanding I am seeing.”

What do you see?

A clothed white rabbit with a pocket watch running around!!”

Inspired from Alice in Wonderland for What do you see-14


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