A bare tree – Hauntingly Beautiful

A tree without leaves or fruit promises more beauty with time. People do the same. Be patient with yourself and others.
– Unkown

During one of our monsoon treks to Andharban this year, we stopped at a point to enjoy the backwaters which soon become a selfie spot for other fellow trekkers.

On the other side, this lone tree stood out against blue – green background. I couldn’t tell whether it was shedding or gaining it’s leaves, but the bare tree was sort of a symbol that all things will go one day and one must be ready for the next best thing waiting to happen. For me, this bare tree was hauntingly beautiful.

Overall, the bare tree along a deserted road with cloudy sky and greenery all around enhanced the beauty of the nature which surely left us mesmerised.

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2 thoughts on “A bare tree – Hauntingly Beautiful

  1. That bare tree is making such a strong statement in an otherwise green and wide expanse. Its standing tall and proud, undeterred by the greenary all around it. Beautiful capture and musings Ramya!

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