A tree for tomorrow


We have lots of trees in the vicinity of our apartment building. Some big, some small. This picture was clicked last month just after initial rains. And look how green it already looks.

I don’t know the name of this particular tall tree seen in this picture, but it has been there for almost 20 years. It is taller than our building. This tree is home to so many different types of birds.Last time we caught a glimpse of parrots.

It feels great to have trees in the surroundings. The green look itself is such a relief. I hope everyone plants trees for better tomorrow..

Linking up with Parul for Thursday Tree Love


6 thoughts on “A tree for tomorrow

  1. I hope that too.
    I love tall trees. I feel that the tall ones reach out to the sky and sometimes chat with clouds. Isn’t it? So glad you joined with this picture, Ramya! This is how Bangalore trees look like when it rains. I love the green and clean look.


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