Red powder puff

Red powder puff or Calliandra haematocephala is a flowering shrub with bright blossoms.
Red is a common color of this plants, but there are varieties of white and pink available as well.

The buds are berry like clusters which open to form puffball blossom.

My Uncle has a huge front-yard, where in he plants such beautiful flowers.
The plant is stunning and flowers are just adorable.
Thanks for visiting!!

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10 thoughts on “Red powder puff

  1. Lovely flower. Any idea as to which area it can be found?
    This flower reminds me of the sickle bush flower that I wrote about. I guess you must have read that.


    1. Yes, I do remember about sickle bush flower.. the pink ones right… The Red Powder Puff is native to South America. I saw this flower in South India – Coastal Karnataka. I don’t know about it availability in other parts of the country.


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