Where are all the Greens?

We have seen how greenery in nature look..

We have seen how cityscapes look..

We are lucky enough to have seen the best of both worlds..

But will the next generation be lucky enough?

Will they know how a countryside and forests looks like or will they be confined in concrete jungles?

Will they know how the clear and silent night sky, full of stars look or will they be entertained by lights of the city that never sleeps..

Will they know the colors of Nature or will they only know black, grey and white…

We are using up all the greens available…

Ever wonder what we will be leaving behind?

This is a beautiful video on YouTube telling us about what we are leaving behind for the next generation. Do watch.

For : Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Wacky Weekend Challenge


4 thoughts on “Where are all the Greens?

  1. They will know – from virtual and augmented reality, or from expensive vacations in India or abroad. There are some who believe that the countryside is beautiful – only in other countries, because they have not seen the whole of India. The issue is there are no employment or mega business opportunities in the faraway places, but once we do it, the companies will start eroding the beauty.

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