Water : Did we consume too much?

Definition of water in the year 2050

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A transparent, tasteless, odourless liquid which was once found in abundance on earth and was basic necessity of life. A clear liquid that symbolizes purity and was used in everything. Water used to fall from clouds as rain which later formed streams, river, sea and ocean.

Also a reason of ongoing World War.

Note : Scientists and astronauts are still searching for water on moon and other planets. Meanwhile a sample of water is kept on display in history museum.

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10 thoughts on “Water : Did we consume too much?

      1. So true!! I pretty much have an idea how the future would look without water. Few years back, due to less rainfall, there were water cuts in the city. And in my own neighborhood, people were fighting for water.. But even after these many years there is no proper plan in place for water conservation..

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      2. Absolutely! I live in an area where water used to be in abundance. Even the force of water was so much that our tanks used to get full just within half hour but now there have been water cuts and the worst part of the year is summer (well, summer is sort of all year round). Even after 1-1/2 hours of slow water flow tanks are only half full. But still people are not able to understand the adversity it is going to cause in the coming days. Sad and upsetting

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  1. I feel compelled to point out that the exact moment oceans and rivers cease to exist …

    …So does all plant, animal and human life! 😦

    Hard to have an ongoing war if everyone has died of thirst. 😉

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