Nature is waiting

My therapist suggested me to do Nature Healing. I gave her a quizzical look, afterall I was unsure of what she actually meant. Seeing my puzzled look, she told me to watch sunset and describe it to her in our next meeting.

Determined to find out what she actually meant by “Nature Healing”, I went to a distant hill away from the city lights, from where I could see sunset.

Find a good spot on the hill, I sat down facing the sun. Unsure of what to do next, I just sat there looking at the view in front of me.

It took some time for my senses to adjust to the new place, but I could gradually notice the difference in what I feel, hear and smell.

I could feel the soft breeze ruffling my hair. The breeze brought a pleasant smell of the nearby flowering trees which was soothing. The birds where calling one another in a beautiful way they usually do and the chirps were making me smile.

I was already feeling something different in me.

As the sun began to dip, it colored the sky with different colors. The amber – peach colored sky was in a purple haze as the dark clouds covered the dipping sun. The scene was beautiful. The distant lights of the city, glowed in the sun’s afterglow.

For the first time in many years, I realized that I let such beautiful moments pass by as I was distracted with the worries of my life. It thought me to move on and stop lagging in the world of “Should and Could” as the day spent or the time spent is not coming back. And most important of all, being in present is more important.

The glimmering city lights reminded me that the world never stops but nature tells me to hit the pause button and unwind the thoughts, stop the struggling and feel the nature’s embrace. It is sometimes better to get lost in nature.

I started my climb downhill as I became aware that with sunset, there will be sunrise with a promise and hope of new beginning, I also have to start afresh.

With a clear mind, I now realized that I don’t need see a therapist anymore. Nature is there for me. It is waiting to show it’s miracles for the one who can to understand it.

Thursday Photo Prompt – WritePhoto


18 thoughts on “Nature is waiting

  1. Ramya, sunset, and sunrises are powerful experiences. I’m glad you enjoyed this sunset. Did you hike up the hill? Was descend an issue in the darkness?


    1. Haha!! I wrote this fiction piece as a part of write photo prompt!! But to answer your question, I do enjoy sunset.. I hike up a hill which is nearby to my place looking over the highway to enjoy sunset views. Descend is not an issue. Vehicle traffic on the highway usually increases after sunset and vehicle’s headlights looks like flowers strung together to make a garland…

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      1. oh! I thought this hill didn’t have a road traversing through. I usually head up hills which are devoid of humans and certainly no vehicles. But that’s for the sunrise! πŸ™‚

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